5 things the UK high street is missing this Autumn

Every season we see the hard work of the high street buyers hit the racks, sometimes we love what’s there and the link from the catwalk and couture brands is obvious, our fashion needs are well and truly catered for! However, each season, there are a handful of things that the buyers (who can never predict everything as far in advance as ordering cycles) miss, items which go on to burn fashion holes in our heads! So friends, these are my top 5 things missing from the high street Autumn 2015. Please share your views on this topic and add any others on your “must buy can’t find list!”…. Fashion and freedom, Rosielee. X

  1. Waistcoats

I don’t mean the endless stream of faux fur/wool/sheepskin gillets, I mean a fashion forward, but feminine waistcoat. It could not be further from the cheesy magician type, but equally it is not fullfilled by long thin waistcoat/sleeveless blazers nor thick gillets.

2. Zips

3. 3/4 sleeve dresses

Frankly there are never enough of these in any season, but this Autumn seems to have a greater drought than ever.

4. High neck evening wear

5. Lime

Lime where are you? your seemless ability to take an outfit from day to evening is sorely missed. Please make yourself known in all feature accessory and staple top forms!

Autumn adventures in pattern


Autumn is here and i’ve fallen in love with Tartan all over again, in a big way. Surprisingly I have moved away from the more traditional red tartan patterns, for me, its all about the 90’s grunge tartan. I cannot get enough of it ladies!

Below is a recent purchase, which I now do not leave the house without. It has also been a saving grace for me in terms of last minute style touches!


I have yet to splurge on a tartan mini, which are everywhere on the high street this season. Anyone have any thoughts on the best one out there? Especially in terms of cost, fit and fabric- there’s nothing worse then a thin tartan that can’t keep shivering limbs warm!

Moving on from tartan, it isn’t autumn without a good bit of print. 2013 saw the emergence of the nordic patterns, graphic shapes and snowflakes on everything from socks to men’s pull overs. Happily, there seems to be a new print of the season, a more delicate (yet equally as seasonal) range of reds, browns, chestnuts and creams. You will have become all too familair with the many mooses, deers, hills, photographic landscapes, small repeated geographic shapes and the odd cracker. For me, the softer edge of these ‘alpine’ prints are a welcome warm up for the December celebrations ahead.

I couldn’t resist the two fabrics below, although bedding, I sewed them into floor cushions. They add a real “snug” feel to the room.


Can’t wait to hear about your autumn tartan and pattern love affairs!
Rosielee X

THE LBD black hole!!!


Retailers, designers, fashion friends, and fellow shoppers, this blog is inspired by my dearest mother and our January dress dilemma… which is: WHERE HAVE ALL THE LBD’s gone!

Specifically, we both seek black, tailored, classic dresses, not floor length dresses, nor the current trend of midi length, a nice ‘ just above-the-knee’ length. An LBD that is form fitting, not a skater dress or a structure-less bag. We are searching for one’s with sleeves (3/4 length of course) as well as bandeau style ones. After scouring websites and shops we find ourselves firmly in fashion frustration.

A classic staple that now (especially after the Christmas pinch) we seek more than ever for its versatility, wearability, and, after all that christmas food, for its ability to flatter virtually any figure!

We know its January sales season and we know that means a serious lack of conventional pieces but if we must loose our tailoring, blouses and tee’s for cut price coats, please leave us with the lifejacket of the LBD. It’s our insurance for that last minute get together, that “let’s do drinks” throw on piece and the “quick night out on the tiles” must-have.

May the LBD and its fuss-free style reappear for the benefit of all.Image

Lace is more?


Lace, I know what you’re thinking, a curtain trimming at best, a one way ticket to looking like a paper doily. But wait! Lace is making an all too fashionable return as part of the broader Victorian trend. 

Lace has a historic association with all things formal, elegant and delicate, but how can we decide if it works for the times of high speed, high energy fashion? Simple, put it too the  ‘Fashion Friendly’ test:

is it ….

a) Able to be used as both a base and feature of garments as well as in accessories? Yes.

Can it…

b) Be used in a variety of ways and inspire creativity?  Although a traditional fabric, it has enjoyed a renaissance being used with everything from silks to neons, lends itself to layering and dying alike.

Can it….

c) Make a statement? We need only to look at Rita Ora to get our answer to thisImage

SO ….. lace appears to be ‘more’, rather than stand in opposition to some of the sharp lines, block colour and print of today, it’s been reworked, restyled and deserves it’s place on our fashion runways!

One of my favourite ways lace can be used is in collar detail, the collar has made a remarkable splash on the catwalk and runway … and it has become rather iconic, the picture below shows a more grungy take on the collar…


But lace has worked its influence here too…


This cute jumper dress is given a soft feel through the lace collar,

it has all the freshness of a feature, without the fuss.


So, in conclusion, lace is more !

The new accessory?

On my holiday I came across this show-stopping cottage. Of course its character and picture perfect structure stand out, but I was struck by the vast array of trinkets, bells, statues, plates, pots and plants that were scattered in, on and around it.

To me it looked like the owner had actually accessorised their house. This caught my imagination. What if we can use those areas around us as a fashion statement. Give them a personality and a flavour.

People are often critical of houses that don’t conform to the norm, and a far less quick to see the beauty in what may actually be a great piece of art and a fashionable statement. Fashion does not after all have to start on the runway.

I wanted to show you all this beautiful and interesting house and get your views on it.. Could this be the new way of accessorising?… Is a Vivienne Westwood courtyard a possibility.. A monochrome flat bloc? In my mind fashion has no boundaries and an infinite number of canvases. But what do you think?

Fashionably Fun

I could not help but capture this little alternative fashion gem whilst out.

I currently on holiday at the coast and I’m just loving bumping into unique accessories such as the one in this picture. What’s not to love? The Heniz baked bean is a meal saviour all too close to the British heart.

But how about wearing it around your neck? Not so sure? Me neither but it certainly made me stop, caught my attention, and put a smile on face. The three step routine of a captivated shopper. I thus came to the conclusion it is fashionably fun.
That is, it is packed with all the style, popular culture, and colour of a fashion item; but an innate calm and subtle wit.

Fashion does make statements, it touches on trends and most certainly reflects culture. We ought not to be too dismissive of a fashion accessory on deploying techniques that are so commonly used in fashion clothing ( for instance the Jack Daniels spirit label t-shirts, the Pepsi logo tees).

Embracing loved foods, is cosmetically no different to embracing loved celebrities ( eg michel jackson motifs on tops, the seasame street cookie monster nightwear range) or loved patters ( tarton, the pasley leaf, gingham). It is just relatively unexplored.

I admire those taking steps to transfer a what is becoming a over-used technique in fashion clothing ( using food/brands we love) to accessories. Provided it retains its unique sense of fun.